Action! Wycombe Film Studios Receives Unanimous Approval at Planning Committee

We were pleased to hear that the next seven stages of the Wycombe Film Studios in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire received unanimous approval at planning committee!

Wardell Armstrong’s multidisciplinary team have been involved with this high profile project since 2021, and have assisted in the preparation of assessments for flood risk, drainage, ground conditions, air quality, noise and utilities. Our team were also involved in the liaison to support two temporary planning submissions and one permanent planning submission. We are now in the process of submitting a proposal to support discharge of drainage, noise and odour related conditions.

The new facilities at the sustainable boutique studios, include eight new sound stages, offering 295,000sqft of high-quality production space, stunt rehearsal space, workshops and a café. The studios will also offer training opportunities for people looking to break into the film industry.

The new facilities are set to be completed in Autumn 2024.


Image credit: Wycombe Film Studios — Stage Fifty

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