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We’re set to Feature on a BBC Television Programme Tonight!

Wardell Armstrong is set to feature on the BBC4 television programme, ‘Digging for Britain’ at 9pm tonight (Wednesday 12th December 2018).

We undertook the co-ordination of all archaeological works along the East Anglia One cable trench corridor between February 2017 and July 2018. Amongst many exciting finds made was a site dating to the Neolithic which contained a preserved wooden trackway within a curving enclosure ditch. It is thought the site was for ceremonial purposes connected to the veneration of water. Amongst the artefacts discovered was an auroch (very large extinct wild cattle) skull probably used as part of a totem. The works were the largest archaeological project undertaken in the United Kingdom during 2017.

This site will be a part of on BBC4’s programme ‘Digging for Britain’ and is likely to feature Carlisle based Associate Director, Dr Richard Newman, who undertook the archaeological management of the work.

Wardell Armstrong are still co-ordinating some limited recording works as the construction programme progresses and in addition are carrying out an assessment of the data from the excavations to establish what data should be analysed further and published.

Click here to read more about the project and for information on our Field Archaeology services.

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