WATCH: Optimising the Design of a Comminution Circuit

It’s an often quoted figure that crushing and grinding accounts for approximately 50% of a mine’s total energy consumption and is therefore a significant contributor to operating cost.

With a global trend for reducing ore grades, increased energy costs and the need to process larger quantities to meet demand, the below video shows an insight into the comminution testing that we offer from our mineral processing facility in Truro. We are able to optimise the design of a comminution circuit to reduce costs and ensure resource efficiency.

The video shows just some of the comminution tests that we offer our clients, which include the full suite of standard Bond tests (Crusher, Abrasion, Rod & Ball) along with the JK Drop Weight test.


If you’d like to find out how we can assist in the development of a low-cost, sustainable solution for your project, please contact Ben Simpson.

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