WATCH: Froth Flotation

Froth flotation remains one of the most widely used industrial beneficiation techniques for most base metals and an increasing number of other non-sulphide ore bodies.

Exploiting differences in surface chemistry, froth flotation can be applied to a wide range of commodities and will be key in producing the metals necessary to drive the transition towards a greener economy.

Applications include:
– Base Metals (Copper, Lead & Zinc)
– Precious Metals (Gold, Silver & PGM’s)
– Battery Metals (Lithium, Graphite, Nickel & Cobalt)
– Tech Metals (Tin, Tungsten & REE’s)
– Industrial Minerals (Fluorspar, Potash & Phosphate)

Below is a video of the flotation testing services that are available at our mineral processing laboratory in Truro, Cornwall. The video shows the various stages that make up a laboratory flotation test on a copper ore we are currently working on including grinding, rougher flotation, regrinding, cleaner flotation and filtration.

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