Wardell Armstrong Reappointed by Isle of Man Government as their Mineral Agent

The Isle of Man Government recently completed a full public procurement exercise to appoint a mineral agent for the next 3 years with the option to extend the contract for a further 2 years. Our role is to will be of a technical, strategic and operational nature. In addition to permitting extraction from quarries and sand pits in the Isle of Man, we will also advise the Department on the legacy of the numerous abandoned mines and associated workings and provide advice to address issues relating to old mine entries as and when they arise.

Wardell Armstrong’s association with the Isle of Man Government commenced in 1977 initially by way of William Armstrong and Sons to the Forestry, Mines and Lands Board and over the next 46 years, the Department of Industry, the Department of Trade and Industry, the Department of Economic Development and since 2017 the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture. If the Manx Government agree to the 2 year contract extension, in 2027 we will celebrate our 50th Anniversary –  a remarkable achievement!

The contract will be managed by Neil Hughes and assisted by Kate Young, based at our Cardiff office. Neil has been involved with the minerals consultancy contract over the past 17 years and along with Kate has acquired a practical working understanding of the Manx history, culture, traditions, its people and the overall fabric of the Island. We have fostered good working relationships not only with officers of the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (who deal with minerals, planning, environmental, forestry/lands matters) but also with the Island’s mineral operators, representatives of other Governmental Departments and advocates in the Attorney General Chambers all of whom have been associated with mines and minerals in one form or another.

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