Phil Newall Presenting

WAI Delegates Highlight Mining Sector Opportunities in Iran

Lifting of sanctions presents investment opportunity

Iran offers attractive investment opportunities – if it presents them in accordance with global standards, according to a recent report on the Financial Tribune website.

During the Strategies for attracting foreign investments and introducing regulations seminar, Wardell Amstrong International’s Managing Director Phil Newall said that Iran’s attractions were threefold, namely:-

・The country’s diverse and plentiful array of mineral reserves
・Its educated and sophisticated workforce
・The stability and security of the country in an otherwise turbulent region.

The seminar was hosted by the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) in Tehran.

Feasibility and scoping studies

The report emphasised the significance of appropriate preparation work in the investment attracting process. “Pointing to feasibility and scoping studies as the cornerstones of introducing investment opportunities to the international audience, Newall emphasized that without proper economic studies and analyses, the mining sector will not be able to develop.”

The article stated that Mark Mounde, Technical Director at Wardell Armstrong International, supported the argument made by his colleague: “the mining projects’ financial, social and environmental risks must be thoroughly assessed and presented to foreign investors to pique their interest.”

Mark Mounde and Phil Newall of Wardell Amstrong International
Mark Mounde (left) and Phil Newall of Wardell Amstrong International

Related mining studies

Phil Newall is quoted as saying at the seminar “mineral resources, infrastructures, water, environmental issues, social issues, etc, are important in investment” in a report on the ME-METALS website.

The IMIDRO website quotes Mark Mounde as saying “many investors from various countries are willing to invest in Iran’s mining sector, so investment costs reduction and clarification of  investment rules are very important to attract foreign investors”.

Images courtesy of IMIDRO.

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