Joshua Broster

Josh Broster

Joshua Broster
Associate Director
BSC (Hons)

Sir Henry Doulton House
Forge Lane

+44 (0)1782 276 700

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With particular knowledge regarding avifauna and can undertake most recognised bird survey techniques, Joshua also undertakes ornithological impact assessments, ornithological habitat creation/restoration advice and guidance on species specific mitigation particularly with regard to Schedule 1 listed birds. Joshua regularly liaises with Natural England/Scottish Natural Heritage/ Natural Resources Wales and local wildlife groups such as The Wildlife Trust when managing ornithological assessments.

Joshua holds Barn Owl and Kingfisher Nest Disturbance licences issued by Natural England and a Schedule 1 survey licence (all species) issued by Scottish Natural Heritage.

Alongside his ornithological expertise Joshua is an experienced ecologist, undertaking numerous ecological assessments, including badger bait marking studies and surveys for bats, otter, water vole, reptiles and amphibians. Joshua holds a great crested newt survey licence and class 1 bat licence issued by Natural England.

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