The value of early investment in high quality measured survey information at the outset of a project is not to be underestimated. We pride ourselves in having highly experienced and qualified in house Chartered Surveyors who specialise in our client’s needs. Our survey teams are strategically located around the country and can deploy to any location around the UK and overseas. Our extensive experience means we can apply the correct skills and techniques to any project. Because we use in house surveyors, they work closely with all our other disciplines and therefore have a greater understanding of wider project implications and can provide additional value to a project than external surveyors. All of our survey work is undertaken or overseen by Chartered Surveyors, Geographers or Engineers.

All forms of topographical surveys can be undertaken. This includes greenfield and brownfield for development, measured building surveys, rivers for FRA, earthworks verifications, stock and volumetric surveys, quarries, mines and landfill update surveys, roads and limited rail surveys can also be undertaken. We have significant experience with underground utility tunnels and mine surveys and can provide confined spaces teams where needed. We use the latest Trimble S7 and R10 robotic total stations and GNSS receivers, as well as specialist laser scanning and UAVs/drones where required.

Accurate setting out is essential for accurate construction and installation. We provide a full range of setting out and engineering survey services from drainage, remote borehole and SI locations to daily road construction setting out. Landfill cell construction and gas well positioning services can also be provided. Where contaminated ground is being remediated, the accurate positioning and quantification of material exiting sites is essential to project budget control, our surveyors are experienced at providing these services, working closely with our contaminated land experts and civil engineers.

Wardell Armstrong has significant experience using Geographic Information System (GIS) to support our client’s commercial decisions. Our analysis skills allow us to unravel complex data, finding solutions and representing results in clear, concise forms. We undertake a wide variety of large to small scale developments, surface mines, area wide reviews and large multi-disciplinary infrastructure projects for both the public and private sectors within the UK and internationally. The use of our expert GIS, CAD, photography, graphic design skills and expertise in data management has aided in providing project managers with valuable decision-making information.

When developing or constructing on brownfield sites, backfilled excavations (such as former surface mines) or areas prone to subsidence, ground deformation or settlement monitoring can be essential to allow the correct foundation designs to be specified or for stability to be confirmed. Our team have designed, installed and monitored a wide range of schemes to allow development on difficult sites. Wardell Armstrong have successfully executed monitoring schemes to enable wind turbine foundation design and construction on backfilled surface mine sites.

Land registration has been present in the UK for hundreds of years, however, in many cases the pace of development has outstretched the update of record keeping. We have an expert team of mapping specialists who take title deeds of all ages and update them onto current background mapping. This process is often complex requiring interpretation of historic mapping features and styles. The updated plans allow for registration of Land Parcels with the Land Registry, securing the title of our client’s land and potential to generate income. We also source land ownership mapping to allow stakeholder engagement at the early stages of projects.

As part of pipeline maintenance, we provide landowner notification letters, line walking, detailed surveys and remediation design services for pipeline infrastructure. We have developed our own in-house data logging systems, which when deployed on smart phones augmented with hi accuracy GNSS positioning, provide a comprehensive and efficient system for overland pipeline surveying. We utilise the latest Radiodetection RD8100 precision services locators and our SCO and SHEA Certified Competent Person surveyors can operate on a wide variety of pipelines. Combined with our GIS mapping specialists, the results of these surveys are provided in very user-friendly formats which allow the efficient visibility and management of wide area infrastructure. We provide a full project lifecycle service from maintenance surveys, development and implementation of detailed remediation strategies to monitoring of completed remediation works. We act as Principal Designers and Client Project Managers for complex remediation schemes.

Laser scanners are utilised for a wide variety of applications either alongside traditional survey instruments or as an alternative to Total Stations. Using laser scanners the surveyor can rapidly collect a large amount of three-dimensional laser points from the surface of remote feature as a ‘point cloud’, this provides a quick survey solution for inaccessible elements and complex geometrical details. The resulting ‘point cloud’ can then be processed with visualisation and modelling software to represent the detail surveyed. This data can then be used for a wide variety of applications including exporting to CAD in 2D or 3D models or to other rendering software packages. This type of surveying technology allows the surveyor to capture and use large volumes of 3D data in a range of environments for example historic buildings, façades, highways or underground mines or hazardous sites where traditional survey instruments may not be appropriate. We have recently carried out a number of laser scans to remotely monitor the deformation of a number of buildings as a result of a suspected sewer collapse.

We have conducted a wide variety surveys for our clients, many of which are bespoke for the project requirements. Some of these services include:

  • Boundary Surveys and Mapping
  • Underground Surveys
  • Photomontage Surveys
  • Tree Surveys
  • Quarry and Mine Surveys
  • Radar Horizon Surveys

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