Given the considerable investment necessary for a successful mineral exploration programme, an initial study is critical in establishing whether deposits are commercially viable to extract, and to determine the value of your mineral exploration project. Expert planning, management and supervision are crucial in order to optimise costs.

At Wardell Armstrong, we provide a range of services to support your company through each stage of the exploration process, from greenfield exploration through to full Feasibility Studies.

Our full range of geology and exploration services includes:

  • Desktop/scoping studies
  • Geological mapping
  • Sampling and drilling planning and supervision
  • Database management and GIS;
  • Laboratory studies and Mineral Testwork;
  • Audits;
  • Exploration planning and implementation;
  • Geophysical interpretation;
  • Technical reports in accordance with JORC, CIM (NI 43-101), SAMREC Codes; and
  • EIA

Mineral exploration is a risky business and only a small number of projects ever make it through to production. Thus, proper geological appraisal is paramount given the large potential risks involved.

These appraisals should be completed by:

  • Companies investing in early stage junior exploration companies looking for a project with the potential to advance to mining;
  • Exploration companies wishing to determine if further exploration expenditure is warranted in either advancing a project to the next stage up the value curve, or looking to exit the project;
  • Off-take companies looking for metal from new projects; and
  • Larger mining companies looking to take a stake in junior companies wishing to determine the value in a new project.

At Wardell Armstrong, we provide a range of services to appraise projects, including Due Diligence reports which may or may not include a project valuation which will vary dependent on the development stage of the project.

Wardell Armstrong has professional geologists who have planned, implemented and managed large >US$30M exploration programmes and have successfully explored, delineated and expanded Mineral Resources of major copper-cobalt mines, gold mines, and polymetallic mines worldwide.

At Wardell Armstrong, we provide a range of services to provide Exploration Planning, Management and Supervision, namely:

  • Exploration planning;
    • Including providing coordinates of new drill holes;
    • Advice on the type of drilling recommended/required:
    • Advice of the purpose of drilling, namely;
      • Resource definition;
      • Hydrology;
      • Geotechnical;
      • Structural; and
      • Condemnation.
  • Management & Supervision, including:

A desktop study is typically used to examine the available data to inform an investment decision, such as:

  • A joint venture; or
  • Purchase of a project or company.

Wardell Armstrong has professional geologists who can gather and interpret data, and then make recommendations thereafter. Typically, desktop data include:

  • Assay data;
  • Mapping data;
  • Historical reports;
  • Geophysical reports and data; and
  • Structural data.

Once the data are gathered, interpreted and compiled, a report is completed, typically with conclusions and recommendations on whether to take the project forward, with outline budgets and timelines-schedules of activities, or stop any investment.

To benefit from the wealth of information that’s now available from the earliest stages of a project, you need your data collated, analysed and presented clearly and concisely. Wardell Armstrong provides access to the data through our Geographical Information Systems, illustrating strategic development considerations and giving you powerful decision support information.

Our GIS specialists carry out all aspects of information management, data modelling, mapping and appraisal for you, linking mapped information with technical data to provide you with a valuable tool for analysis and visualisation. With access to interactive resources and the capacity to utilise data and mapping, we can help you address and solve a range of multi-disciplinary project issues.

We can capture and manage all types of data, including creating digital copies from historical plans. In conjunction with the latest in software developments and interpretation techniques, we also collate and reference geospatial information from a range of sources including ground and aerial data capture with positioning from GNSS, satellite imagery and remote sensing, and open and commercial providers.

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