With over 185 years of experience, Wardell Armstrong provides bespoke environmental and social risk assessments and Due Diligence reporting for projects worldwide.

We review infrastructure, personnel and management systems to international best practice guidelines such as the IFC Performance Standards, and the international standards of financial disclosure of mining projects, such as the JORC Code or NI 43-101. This work includes assessment of corporate-level systems and health and safety policies.

Wardell Armstrong offers services that promote responsible mining practices to meet international standards of best practice, including:

  • Sustainability reporting and Due Diligence, including ESIA;
  • Stakeholder engagement and mapping including resettlement plans, disclosure, conflict resolution and support for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR);
  • Training, capacity building and low-carbon solutions;
  • Social management plans, including for closure;
  • Audits and impact analysis; and
  • Compliance to international sustainability standards for finance (ex: IFC, EBRD)

Stakeholder engagement is a major component of environmental and social management systems in industrial operations.

Wardell Armstrong interdisciplinary team of experts has a proven track record of helping Projects gain their Social Licences to Operate (SLO), from defining and mapping key stakeholders, to developing site-specific strategies for highly sensitive operations such as displacement, preservation of cultural heritage and engaging with vulnerable or hostile community members. Wardell Armstrong initiates contact between parties and presents key messages to stakeholders, helping to identify their interests in project development. To satisfy international investor requirements, we also work with operators to co-develop disclosure strategies and provide cost-effective mitigation for potential risks to communities.

The term “cyanide” can stir people’s emotions, and cyanide auditing has become high profile in recent years. Auditing against the code using an independent accredited international cyanide auditor demonstrates that the mine is operating to best practice international standards, and assures your stakeholders that you are protecting human and environmental safety.

Wardell Armstrong is proud to be able to provide the skills needed to manage cyanide use within a mine through our in-house ICMI Code accredited lead cyanide auditor. We provide formal compliance audits, informal and gap cyanide audits and give general cyanide management advice, including preparation of cyanide management plans, standard operational procedures, development of emergency response plans and tailored cyanide awareness training and advice on procurement strategies.

We’ve undertaken cyanide auditing for mining and metallurgical processing companies, transportation companies and mineral processing laboratories throughout the World, including recent commissions in Armenia, Burkina Faso, Kazakhstan, Mauritania, Mexico, Spain, Sudan and UK. We’ve also carried out market research studies for potential new sodium cyanide manufacturers for in-country and global requirements.

To secure funding from international development lenders, projects require an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) developed in compliance with banks’ stringent sustainability standards. Wardell Armstrong undertakes a range of ESIA services aligned with bank requirements, examining how the project may affect environmental and social receptors, such as air quality, noise, soils, biodiversity and ecosystems, hydrology and hydrogeology.

Wardell Armstrong provides extensive social impact assessment services, collecting baseline data and analysing impacts on socioeconomic receptors, such as livelihoods, cultural heritage and archaeology. We can also provide an analysis of impacts on ecosystem services, representing the benefits people derive from ecosystems.

Environmental and Social Management includes integral systems required to satisfy lenders requirements in relation to compliance with Equator Principles and other international best practice, and reduce environmental and social risk to a project.

Wardell Armstrong provide environmental and social action plans, designed to assess progress made with regards social, environmental and health and safety management. Our environmental management services are designed to ensure lender milestones are met and environmental and social performance meets the standards required.

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