Wardell Armstrong is a full service British technical mining consultancy supporting the world’s international mining industry at all points of the mine cycle.

Our expertise encompasses all commodities including precious, base, battery and ferrous metals, and industrial minerals. Our truly globally experienced team (Qualified Person’s under the CIM Code (NI 43101) and Competent Parson’s under the JORC Code (2012) and under SAMREC), has worked on projects in over 90 countries including Africa, North Central and South America, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and Central and Eastern Europe.

With expertise across the full spectrum of related areas including geology, exploration, mining mineral processing, ESG and economic assessments, we are unique in the level of service we offer; we pride ourselves on our strong client relationships. Our service offering covers mineral exploration (including mineral target realisation and GIS services), Mineral Resource Estimation, Ore Reserve Evaluation with mine design and scheduling, metallurgical test work and mineral processing, ESG analysis, economic and financial assessment, through to mine closure including economic development for the local community and post mining.

Wardell Armstrong International has qualified experts and acts as technical expert for mergers and acquisitions, stock market listings and valuation of assets and liabilities.

Our team has extensive experience of providing Competent Person’s Reports for many of the World’s major stock exchange including the London Main Market and AIM, TSX, ASX and Hong Kong.

Effective communication with existing shareholders and potential investors is crucial to the success of any listed company. We can assist IR and Senior Management teams to efficiently and accurately make their story known to the financial community.

Wardell Armstrong International can provide technically excellent, qualified and experienced people to act as expert witnesses providing testimony for governments and international tribunals.

New mining projects and investments require studies to assess viability. Wardell Armstrong International’s team of multi-disciplinary specialists are experienced at completing and managing technical and economic studies of varying levels of accuracy from Scoping to Feasibility Study.

Mineral Exploration – Exploration field activities often take place as part of a strategy to locate and define a particular economically mineable mineral commodity; Wardell Armstrong International provides design budgeting and management of various exploration projects to achieve this ultimate goal.

Mineral Resource Evaluation – Our resource geologists have extensive experience of evaluating mineral resources. Using cutting edge resource modelling and geostatistical software and techniques we can produce auditable mineral resource models and mineral resource estimates in line with appropriate international reporting codes in the format most suitable for your project.

We can provide a broad range of in-house mining services including open pit and underground optimisation studies, mine design, mine planning, geotechnical and hydrogeological aspects, scheduling, ventilation analysis, equipment selection, maintenance, labour and infrastructure, as well as financial appraisal.

Mineral Reserve Estimation – Our mining engineering team have extensive experience in the estimation of Mineral Reserves in accordance with CRIRSCO reporting standards. Using cutting edge mine design, planning and scheduling methodologies, in addition to evaluation of Modifying Factors by industry professionals with relevant experience as Competent Persons in a range of mining methodologies and mineralisation types

Wardell Armstrong provides a range of ESIA services aligned with bank requirements, examining how the project may affect environmental and social receptors, such as air quality, noise, soils, biodiversity and ecosystems, hydrology and hydrogeology. We can provide extensive social impact services, collecting baseline data, analysing impacts on socioeconomic receptors, such as livelihoods, cultural heritage and archaeology.

Our Social Performance practice supports our client organisations to manage social aspects associated with project planning, development and monitoring. We provide Social Performance Services in two steps, first by managing social risks to prevent, reduce and manage adverse impacts and then by enhancing beneficial impacts to create shared value.

Wardell Armstrong has a specialist group of in-house hydrogeologists that have deep industry experience of mine-water control, groundwater modelling, hydrochemistry and water resources.

Our team has helped many mining clients improve their mine water planning and operations resulting in more efficient water use, smaller project footprints and a smoother development path. We help operators manage water in a more circular, sustaining manner that creates value and unlocks opportunities. Investors increasingly wish to see evidence of high-quality water resource management, and key lending institutions have prioritised water management as one of the key factors affecting investment decisions.

Whilst starting out as a peripheral factor complimenting a strong balance sheet and healthy production figures, ESG is now adding value to companies and projects in its own right.

We are highly experienced ESG team can build your company’s ESG strategy, from early-stage stakeholder engagement and the provision of a materiality assessment, through peer and gap analysis exercises, to the implementation of a robust ESG and sustainability reporting system.

Wardell Armstrong International is well positioned to undertake both technical and ESG Due Diligence assessments, providing you with all the material metrics required ahead of an equity investment, debt financing transaction or M&A activity.

Our experienced geotechnical and hydrogeological personnel provide design and technical advisory services for mine waste disposal at underground and surface mining projects.

The disposal of waste is subject to increasingly stricter environmental and legislative controls. Best practice requires that mine waste disposal systems are designed for closure. We work closely with our clients and other members of the project team to prepare designs suited to the life of mine scenario as well as taking into account other controlling factors to allow for safe and economic disposal of mine waste.

Our highly experienced engineers address the needs of the modern mining industry gained through years of working around the globe.

Wardell Armstrong provides engineering expertise ranging from mechanical engineers, mine shaft engineers, civil engineers and structural engineers for mine site clients to achieve the best performance levels for their business and equipment including increasing resource efficiency, equipment selection, service planning, and the implementation of maintenance engineering methodology tailored to each operation improving efficiency and reducing cost.

Our knowledge of leading practice in mine closure and post mining regeneration is key to unlocking successful strategies and sustainable and safe post closure solutions.

Our team is experienced in meeting the expectations of good international industry practice as required by the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC’s) performance standards and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Wardell Armstrong International have developed an innovative service approach providing a bespoke financial assurance solution that accommodates premature closure, final closure including decommissioning and post-closure management that minimises overall provisioning costs; meets regulator’s requirements and releases credit lines.

Wardell Armstrong International provide high quality metallurgical testwork programmes ranging from initial bench scoping investigations to feasibility studies and pilot plant campaigns. We have extensive experience on a variety of ore and commodity types from across the world.

Our metallurgical testing forms a key part of the overall development of a mining project, with testing being conducted to the highest standard and consideration made to the overall project economics, as well as metallurgical performance.

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