Our site services are designed to provide support at all stages of a commercial mining operation from initial commissioning through process optimisation to mine closure and can be adapted for any mine in any location around the globe.

Broadly, our services fall into one of two areas; process optimisation and support, which provides assistance in resolving process related issues, either through improved process control, circuit modification or staff training, and auditing, in which we attempt to identify potential issues before they have the opportunity to impact the process.

If a processing circuit is underperforming it may be difficult to identify the causes using only the resources of the mine-site’s technical staff and laboratory facilities.

Our on-site process support services can provide the combination of experienced metallurgists with the backup of a fully equipped metallurgical testing facility.

By combining these services into one integrated solution, we can provide rapid diagnosis of possible issues with pragmatic and experience-based recommendations as to potential solutions.

To complement these services, we can also provide general assistance and training with respect to plant sampling campaigns, mineralogical investigations and process optimisation, in-plant trials and de-bottlenecking.

With increasing global sensitivity concerning the use of cyanide in the mining industry, it is important that risks surrounding the use of cyanide are managed to the best International standards both from an environmental and social perspective.

Our ability to undertake cyanide audits to ICMI code standards means that we are able to highlight any potential issues and offer solutions to rectify them before they have the opportunity to cause concern. Having worked with a wide range of mining companies, government bodies and financial services organisations, we have the experience to provide a range of cyanide auditing solutions including formal compliance audits, informal and ‘gap’ audits, along with providing general advice on the use and management of cyanide.

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