The valuation of minerals is a highly specialised area which requires knowledge of geology, mineral production techniques, mineral markets, town and country planning, and valuation methods.  We prepare valuations in connection with Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax, sale and purchase of minerals, and compulsory purchase.  Our RICS Registered Valuers are all Chartered Minerals Surveyors and are experts in combining these disparate fields to provide reliable and objective valuation advice.

Properties that are used for mineral extraction and waste management are relatively rare and fall outside the experience of general practice valuers.  Our Registered Valuers are Chartered Minerals Surveyors with the knowledge and expertise to provide reliable and objective valuation advice for all purposes.  They have also developed the negotiation skills to agree valuations with HMRC officers where tax is due on a property transaction.

Wardell Armstrong will provide a safe and confidential due diligence service for you when buying or selling minerals or waste management properties.  Using our extensive bank of knowledge of these property markets, our mineral surveyors will advise on the technical issues that can arise from a sale or purchase.

We can also provide an expert view on matters where no definitive answer is available so that you can make informed decisions on your property deal. Working with your legal advisors, we can reduce the risk of costly disputes arising from potential claims of misrepresentation ensuring your property needs are met.

We provide reliable income forecasts to assist land and mineral owners with their annual budgets and longer term financial planning.  Our mineral surveyors liaise with your mineral and waste tenants to ensure that budgets reflect local and site-specific fluctuations in demand, as well as keeping track of national market trends and drivers.

We understand the interaction between royalties and fixed rents and can also advise on likely fluctuations in surface rents as land is taken in and/or restored over time.  We can also advise on contingent liabilities associated outstanding restoration works and associated land management issues.

Wardell Armstrong will provide strong and knowledgeable representation for you when faced with a revocation or modification order that could affect your mineral operation or working rights.

Our mineral surveyors and planners will work closely with your legal advisors to assess the validity of any order and will provide expert opinion to provide you with the best defence against such orders. Our extensive knowledge of the UK minerals market can be used to provide a detailed evidence base to support your position.

Where compensation is payable we can provide full mineral valuation and negotiation services to ensure you achieve the best outcome.

The demand for minerals can often lead to conflicting land use with utility providers through the presence of cables, pipelines and overhead powerlines. By establishing the correct legal aspects of a wayleave or easement Wardell Armstrong can advise landowners, utility providers and mineral operators on the correct procedures to follow to remove or protect apparatus and compensate for the sterilisation of minerals.

Wardell Armstrong’s mineral surveyors and geotechnical experts can design pillars of support to protect apparatus, determine the value of minerals sterilised and negotiate the settlement of compensation claims.

The serving of a compulsory purchase order (CPO) on mineral bearing land is relatively rare, so clients affected by compulsory purchase need specialist expert advice.  It is a complex field, requiring a detailed knowledge of the special circumstances that apply to valuations for CPO compensation.

Our Chartered Minerals Surveyors have extensive knowledge of CPO valuation methods and are usually able to negotiate compensation settlements without the need to resort to legal proceedings.  However, if it is not possible to reach agreement with the acquiring authority, our Registered Valuers are experienced in providing expert witness evidence.

Wardell Armstrong has extensive experience in negotiating restoration bond requirements and advising on costings throughout the life of a development.  We use computer aided design (CAD) and modelling techniques to quantify restoration and aftercare costs for mineral and waste management sites. We have access to up to date contractor rates for fuel and labour, and costs for muck shift and soil replacement works and our mineral surveyors and engineers have the knowledge to apply site specific factors such as haul distances and gradients.  Our landscape design team provide technical support on issues such as tree planting, grass seeding fencing etc.  We can also provide independent verification of bonds agreed between parties for planning purposes.

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