We are skilled in negotiating leases and other forms of contract that deliver on a commercial and practical level. Our mineral surveyors understand mineral ownership and the technical issues associated with development, which means we resolve planning, operational and potential liabilities during the negotiation stage, avoiding potential for future conflicts.

We offer lease management services to ensure sites are developed in a responsible manner.  We monitor operations, check environmental compliance and effectively implement lease provisions such as rent reviews.  We also offer rent collection, incorporating checks and audits to verify mineral extraction/waste input ensuring that clients receive the correct monies in a timely manner.

Land and mineral owners need specialist advice when negotiating complex agreements for mineral and waste operations.  Our mineral surveyors have the technical expertise and commercial know how that is required to deliver robust options, licences and leases that work on a practical level.  Our allegiance to land and mineral owners means that we minimise any potential conflicts of interest.  We have experience across the UK minerals industry including construction aggregates and energy minerals, as well as more unusual commodities such as metals, potash and gypsum.  Our surveyors and engineers are also familiar with the full range of waste management and recovery operations.

Wardell Armstrong advises on all aspects of mineral and waste agreements and delivers clear advice on Landlord and Tenant responsibilities and obligations. We review the intention of the parties as well as the wording of agreements to help navigate clients through financial uncertainties such as rent review mechanisms and ambiguities relating to site operations and restoration.  We can also provide expert witnesses across a range of disciplines if matters can only be resolved by legal action.

We have been managing mineral and waste agreements for over 180 years and we represent land and mineral owners throughout the UK and across a wide range of mineral types.

We deliver specialist lease management services that provide clients with the comfort of knowing that their assets will be operated and restored in an effective and safe manner, in line with relevant regulations. Our services include verification of tonnage returns/quarry sales through regular audits and survey methods to ensure that mineral owners receive the correct level of rents and royalties in a timely manner.   We will ensure that your interests are respected by the operator throughout the life of the development.

Our involvement across the UK minerals industry means that we understand the financial aspects of mineral and waste developments.  We have access to a market comparables that take account of site variables such as tenure, working rights, mineral type and quality, location and scale of operations.  Our mineral surveyors are skilled negotiators and will obtain the optimum outcome for you in lease negotiations or in rent review situations.   We also have access to various industry and financial databases that lend support to our in-house information.

We implement and negotiate rent reviews on behalf of owners of mineral and waste management assets.  Our mineral surveyors work across the UK mineral industry and have access to a wide range of market evidence to support our rent review proposals.   We are skilled negotiators and understand tenure and operational factors that can influence market rents, royalties and wayleaves.  We also have access to industry and financial databases that may be referred to in leases and we can provide support in analysing average selling price or other tenant sourced data that may feed into the review process.  Our Chartered Mineral Surveyors and Registered Valuers are experienced in providing independent expert reports where reviews are in dispute or referred for third party determination.

Wardell Armstrong has a long heritage in advising clients on acquisitions and disposals whether for small sites or whole estates.

Our mineral surveyors will manage all parts of a deal for you, from initial advice on the value and structure of any offer, through to representation and detailed negotiation to secure successful completion.  We will work closely with your legal advisors.  For larger deals, we can provide full valuation, due diligence, data room and tender management services.  Our large team of minerals and waste consultants understand these specialist property markets and will provide focused advice to meet your needs.

Wardell Armstrong works with owners and operators to deliver their aspirations for site restoration and after use. We can safely design, manage and monitor restoration works throughout the life of a site and deal with environmental licences and the discharge of planning conditions on your behalf.

Our skilled mineral surveyors can cost and review restoration and aftercare works for budgeting purposes or to establish appropriate bonding requirements between parties. We can prepare appropriate aftercare licences or land management agreements to deal with site access or monitoring issues, long term liabilities and compliance with planning agreements.

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