Demand for minerals is an important driver for the UK economy and continuity of supply underpins economic growth. Most minerals in the UK are owned privately, apart from precious metals, oil, coal and gas. Determining rights and ownership is often the first step in releasing commercially viable mineral deposits.

Wardell Armstrong successfully brings together owners and operators, and helps them realise the development potential of their mineral assets from initial geological desk studies, through site investigations and economic appraisal.  Our surveyors and planners provide guidance through the complex regulatory system governing the development of minerals and have an impressive track record of delivering planning consents.

Desk based mineral assessments are designed to confirm the presence of mineral resources and to quantify the economic potential for mineral extraction.  Desk based assessment can identify mineral types, highlight potential planning and environmental constraints, and evaluate the commercial viability of minerals development prior to detailed site investigations.

Such assessments assist in strategic planning, and the promotion and protection of sites through the mineral planning system. Alternatively, assessments may be required to demonstrate that minerals development is not viable in areas that have been protected by broad Local Authority Minerals Safeguarding Policies and to support the release of land for built development.

Once a mineral resource has been identified it is important to fully assess the resource the through ground investigations. Accurate assessment of a resource is the first stage in establishing the commercial viability of a new site and in guiding investment decisions.

Wardell Armstrong can help mineral owners and operators plan, implement and manage site investigations and can guide them through their permitted development rights.  Our experienced mineral surveyors can ensure that land management issues and commercial considerations are effectively captured in appropriate prospecting agreements and options.

Markets and site-specific economics are fundamental to the success of any mineral operation. We help our clients with project evaluation at each stage of development from exploration through mineral production and final restoration and after use of sites.

Our knowledge of UK mineral markets allows us to advise clients of potential commercial opportunities.  Our mineral surveyors have the necessary technical skills and experience to undertake detailed appraisals of operations, and to consider strategic, commercial and management issues to support clients with their financial and business planning decisions.

Our quarry and mining specialists help clients realise new sites and extensions to existing units by presenting pre-planning site options and detailed phased site designs. Our experience in dealing with potential design constraints within the scope of the Quarry Regulations and other industry guidance means that we can deliver workable schemes to meet your production requirements.  Our quarry design teams are led by experienced mineral surveyors, geologists and geotechnical engineers who understand regulatory requirements, safe working layouts for processing plant and traffic movements, geotechnical considerations, operational inputs, and the restorations requirements.

Our teams also carry out feasibility studies, and geotechnical and hydrogeological assessments for quarry and open pit designs both in the UK and overseas with supporting infrastructure and processing facilities.

Geotechnical assessment work is carried out for a variety of clients in the quarrying sector. This work is undertaken by experienced members of staff who have achieved Chartered status in line with the requirements of the Quarry Regulations.

Assessments are carried out during the design phase for new sites, and for both long-term quarrying operations and shorter duration sites providing materials for infrastructure and utility projects. We are frequently involved in designing and supervising excavations and earthworks, or in assessing the stability of existing slopes. More complex stability assessments are undertaken to resolve difficult issues and assess designs in sensitive situations.

Wardell Armstrong can prepare and submit your planning applications for all mineral and waste developments.

Our strength of knowledge extends across a wide range of technical disciplines including quarry design, landscape impact and restoration design, air quality, noise, water resources, archaeology, heritage, ecology and planning policy, allowing us to prepare detailed Environmental Impact Assessment reports to support your development proposals.

We manage all phases of the planning process, including hosting public consultation events, negotiating with planning authorities, and discharging planning conditions and other legal obligations.  We can support you through the appeals process including expert witness representation at public inquiries.

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