Lighting is a critical element of any development or refurbishment project. Light has a significant impact on how we live and enjoy internal and external environments. Our team have extensive experience in delivering technically or aesthetically led solutions with a major emphasis on energy reduction and the circular economy.

Lumen outputs, Wattages, colour temperature, colour changing, dimming are all considered in designing lighting systems and could make the difference between a bad or good lighting scheme. From site surveys to desk top proposals, Wardell Armstrong aim to develop appropriate, cost effective, energy saving solutions that are bespoke to suit your environment.

Whether it is a single unit or multi-unit site, our team can provide a specification for internal and external work areas in the following areas:

  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Retail / Hospitality
  • Education
  • Landscape
  • Highway
  • Architectural

With global concerns about the effects of artificial light on the environment, we can survey sites and advise on the correct solution to limit any light impact.

We can confirm if any artificial light would intrude into sensitive areas, including ecological areas. Our assessment would also consider the potential glare impact on the surrounding population. Where impacts are identified our consults provide advice and lighting design schemes to reduce or remove any lighting impacts.

Limiting the intensity of upward light to assist in creating dark skies is important to our airborne wildlife. Our views of the stars and planets have been obstructed in many parts of the world, with better luminaire and scheme design we can start to get these views back.

Our in-house Lighting design team has extensive expertise using industry standard software for production of full area and task area calculations. Tailor made reports for each project can contain lux level figures, isoline contour display, false colour rendering image and full CAD layouts. We can also make specification and recommendations for luminaires appropriate to your project.

Lighting energy surveys can be undertaken to give an understanding to savings that can be made, it has been known for up to a 70% energy reduction with an improvement to the light levels. This can be a 1 for 1 replacement with no real extra installation costs and paybacks can be between 3 – 5 years. Lighting controls can consist of many options, dimming, Presence or absence detection, daylight harvesting, dusk to dawn, timed systems and even simple switching all will help with energy savings.

With higher energy costs and inefficient lamp withdrawal (Phased from February 2023), it is vital to have updated lighting. LED light sources can be highly efficient and with added control systems, monetary and carbon savings can be substantial.

Safety is a paramount concern in all areas, the ability to complete your task with minimal risk. If that task is as simple as walking from a car park to a building entrance or inspecting intricate components having the light in the correct place matters. We all need to feel secure in our environment, lighting turned on at the right time or detecting intruders, having security lighting often gives that added deterrent and a comfort whilst being practical.

Emergency lighting allows people to move safely through buildings and exterior obstacles to a place of refuge. We look to BS 5266 and ICEL guidance to meet your requirements for all your projects.

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