Wardell Armstrong provides expert surface and groundwater services to mining, development, ground engineering and waste management sectors.  The accurate characterisation of hydrological processes and properties is essential for confirming water supply, drainage and the foundation of many key interdisciplinary project design assumptions. Our hydrologists and hydrogeologists provide expert advice on data requirements, assessment methods and analysis and go on to deliver this work in a fully integrated manner within design teams.

We provide clients with accurate evaluations of water management requirements and recommend suitable strategies and solutions to control and protect surface water and groundwater resources.

Our in-house hydrogeologists have expertise in cost-effective groundwater site investigations including initial design, planning, optimisation and supervision. We undertake shallow (10’s m) and deep (100’s m) drilling, well-installation, pumping tests and other work programmes including packer tests, water quality and pressure/level monitoring.

We provide a high level of technical assurance to field programmes and oversee data quality and management so that results can be relied upon. Our services include hydrogeological analysis, interpretation, modelling and impact assessment. We have undertaken a substantial number of UK and international projects assessing mine dewatering, groundwater control schemes, water resources and abstraction licensing, water quality and groundwater risk appraisals.

Our team can design and implement surface water monitoring plans in support of applications for discharge consent and water supply together with inputs to baseline studies for EIA. We carry out surface water resource evaluation involving the simulation of catchment runoff and reservoir yield.

Water balance analysis and storm water management is carried out to formulate mine water management strategies and design. This includes a consideration of climate change and analysis of exceptional hydrological events on surface water reservoirs. Our team can recommend appropriate disposal techniques and gain permits to dispose the water in compliance with prevailing regulations.

Our team can design and implement groundwater or surface water quality monitoring, whether that is monitoring for baseline or potential impacts, for a range of sectors and regulatory regimes. Selection of key chemical parameters and appropriate monitoring frequencies form an integral part of the monitoring support that we can provide, together with quality assurance sampling techniques to provide high levels of confidence in the quality of the data.

Our expertise in interpretation results can provide you with screening of chemical results relative to appropriate environmental standards for site compliance and/or inform a conceptual understanding of the baseline/anthropogenic impacts at a site.

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