Wardell Armstrong has extensive experience in obtaining planning for, and the environmental assessment of a wide variety of energy generating technologies including wind power, solar PV, deep geothermal, energy from waste, AD, biomass, gas engines, CHP and also various wave and tidal technologies.

We are also capable of assessing new and novel technologies and have carried out full environmental and planning work for the UKs first commercial PV farm and the UKs first electricity generating deep geothermal project.

Our energy team understands the specific issues associated with developing energy projects and can ensure that surveys are proportionate and that mitigation options are designed to minimise any drop in yield or profitability. We also take pride in our ability to problem solve, ‘thinking outside the box’ to come up with simple and effective and, where appropriate, innovative solutions.

Wardell Armstrong has a strong track record of both project managing and producing individual topic specific reports as part of environmental impact assessments for energy projects. We understand that energy projects have their own specific issues and that the EIA project manager needs to be able to balance the competing needs of project profitability and environmental and social protection and acceptance.

As such our dedicated energy team is able to provide technical and engineering input that helps to ensure that all stakeholders are happy with the project and that fulfils its desired objective for the developer.

For information on our capability in specific areas of environmental assessment please visit our planning and environmental services pages. These include ecology, landscape assessment (including photomontage), flood risk and heritage and archaeology among others.

Wardell Armstrong can also assist wth all planning aspects of the energy development from an initial pre-application discussion with the Local Planning Authority (LPA), through the project’s screening and scoping, to stakeholder engagement and preparation of the full planning application submission.

Post-consent we can assist with condition discharges and obtaining approval for non-material/minor amendments.

In the event of the planning decision going against a client, Wardell Armstrong can provide advice about the most appropriate course of action and, where appropriate assist with the appeals process.

For information on our capability in specific areas of planning please see our planning and environmental services page.

Wardell Armstrong is one of the UK’s leading consultancies in the area of glint & glare assessment for solar PV projects and have carried out over 120 assessments both for projects in the UK and overseas. Our assessments cover potential glint effects on domestic properties, roads and public footpaths as well as railways and airports. The latter two have become a specialism and we have had success in removing objections to projects directly adjacent to both railways and airfields.

We use a combination of in-house tools and internationally recognised modelling software to analyse both the duration and intensity of potential glint events and where issues are identified we can provide mitigation options along with analysis of any potential drop in yield this may cause so that options can be costed and compared.

Many local authorities now require that an energy statement is submitted alongside planning applications for new developments so that specific carbon emission savings or levels of energy generation from renewable energy sources can be demonstrated.

Wardell Armstrong can provide a cost effective assessment that determines the energy requirements of the development  and then identifies technologies that can meet them and the level of deployment needed to do so. In this way as many options as possible are left open for the developer and the most cost effective energy option can be identified at the construction stage.

Wardell Armstrong is also experienced at producing more complex energy strategies for larger developments that identify costed and integrated options that allow developments to be both truly exemplar in terms of energy and carbon savings as well as highly profitable.

Sustainability is a holistic approach to a development’s design and construction and understands the inter-reliance of various environmental and social factors. Increasingly planning authorities are requiring developers to demonstrate that consideration has been given to the sustainability of a project by assessing its approaches across a variety of disciplines. Aspects commonly assessed in our sustainability appraisals include:

Wardell Armstrong is experienced in the delivery of all forms of climate change assessment and carbon accounting, be it as a chapter for an Environmental Statement (ES) under the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations (EIA) or as a standalone exercise for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) publicity or planning purposes.

Our experience ranges from small scale housing developments in the UK through to a carbon assessment for a large gold mine in Armenia.

Wardell Armstrong has been involved with the planning and environmental assessment of windfarms since the early 90’s. As part of this offering we have developed extensive experience in shadow flicker assessment and mitigation and offer these services from the early feasibility stage of a project through to planning, construction and also when dealing with any complaints or operational issues.

We have produced shut down schedules for most major makes and model of wind turbine and ensure that these are adjusted to take account of annual variations in sun path to ensure that availability is maximised and that neighbours and stakeholders do not experience any adverse effects.

Consultations with TV, radio, radar and other electromagnetic communication equipment is essential for the successful development of any wind farm.

Wardell Armstrong is experienced in the management of these consultations and has an excellent reputation for minimising risk and cost associated with mitigating potential issues.

Where third party consultants are retained by communications companies we will project manage and liaise all aspects of the process to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

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