Wardell Armstrong draws on decades of experience and expert capability to address our client’s ambitions to address the potential effects of climate change. From the first renewable energy developments in the UK, Wardell Armstrong has been working with our clients delivering low carbon sustainable solutions across a wide range of services. However, the future of our business providing consultancy services to our clients, requires a continual and radical approach to address the challenges of climate change.

Wardell Armstrong understands that each organisation will be looking to achieve specific goals within the context of their business objectives and ultimately all aspects of their consultant’s advice will need to address the potential impacts of climate change.

As the cost of conventional energy sources increases and climate change has placed an emphasis on renewable energy technologies, our UK based specialists work with a wide range of clients to deliver cost-effective solutions across a wide range of energy and climate change projects.

Due to the broad nature of services provided by Wardell Armstrong, our team can offer integrated solutions which incorporate a wide spectrum of energy technologies. We ensure that the most appropriate solutions are defined for specific projects and not necessarily favouring certain options that traditionally provide the best return on investment. As a result, we have developed excellent client relationships and are trusted to deliver wind, geothermal, solar PV, biomass, tidal, CHP, energy from waste and biomass projects from start to finish, feasibility through to construction and planning consent through to design & engineering.

Our knowledge and experience allowed us to work on a diverse range of ground-breaking projects including the first ever ground mounted solar PV farm and the first UK commercial geothermal energy project.

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