Since 2001 Wardell Armstrong has built up considerable experience in undertaking site-specific Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs) and the design of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) across the UK in accordance with the relevant requirements in the flood risk guidance contained in the respective national planning policy documents (ie National Planning Policy Framework, TAN15 and SPP7) and the detailed guidelines set out in CIRIA Report 624 for a broad range of clients and development types.

Projects range from basic desk-based reports for domestic extensions to incorporating full-scale hydraulic modelling of watercourses and control structures for large industrial and residential development sites.

We are able to provide advice to our clients to ensure that any appropriate development in flood risk areas is adequately flood resistant, and that any residual risk can be safely managed. As part of the FRA we carry out a drainage impact assessment of the specific site which assists in assessing existing surface water runoff and in the preparation of the future drainage strategy for the site.

Increasing pressure is being applied, through the planning process, to encourage developers to utilise sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) wherever possible to manage and reduce surface water runoff from developments and also to improve water quality of the final discharge off the site. The restrictions imposed by existing undersized drainage networks and receiving watercourses now means that surface water discharge from new development regularly requires restricting to rates of discharge to greenfield runoff.

We have considerable experience in the design and construction of surface water attenuation facilities (open balancing ponds/underground storage tanks), open swales, wetlands, permeable paving and other infiltration systems as well exploring the feasibility of using surface water runoff as a resource in rainwater harvesting.

Wardell Armstrong use the latest version of MicroDrainage software in the modelling and the design of new drainage networks incorporating, inter alia, pipes, swales, infiltration, flow controls and attenuation features.

We also carry out capacity assessments of existing drainage networks and procure and supervise externally-sourced CCTV surveys and confined-access teams to undertake condition surveys of existing drainage systems. We have considerable experience in sewer rehabilitation and air/water testing of existing drainage networks.

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