We work with developers, investors, landowners, operators and builders on projects ranging from large housing developments to commercial, industrial, retail, sports, waste, minerals, energy, healthcare, nuclear and port development. Our in-house specialists provide speedy, efficient and seamless joined-up support on development projects which can be large, complex and multi-phased with significant investment involved.

We call on a wide range of experience and expertise from all areas of Wardell Armstrong to bring a holistic and integrated approach to your property and development matters.

Whatever the technical difficulties, however tight your time constraints and whatever issues arise, we’ll take on your project with enthusiasm and help you complete it successfully, sustainably, profitably and professionally.

We help to protect and maximise the value of our clients’ land and property portfolios and optimise the success of their projects. This is achieved by bringing together our full range of knowledge and expertise to resolve and manage any ground and environmental risks and resolve them through pragmatic, cost effective and innovative solutions that work for you.

This multi-disciplinary approach to projects helps us to achieve deliverable solutions which overcome the complexity of the planning system. Our success can be demonstrated through the granting of numerous successful planning and permit applications.

Property and development matters span the majority of our business, from strategic planning, master planning and planning application to environmental impact assessment, ecology, archaeology, site investigation, ground engineering, land reclamation, infrastructure design and foundation design to name a few.

Developers are subject to increasingly tighter controls, including environmental, energy efficiency, pollution and waste management. This has increased the need to deal comprehensively and holistically with all aspects of major development projects. Successful outcomes are difficult to secure without a strong understanding of planning legislation, technical expertise and negotiation skills.

We can provide this specialist support at every stage, and by providing the right upfront work in the early stages our expert advice pays for itself many times over by enhancing the value of your development and by minimising liabilities.

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