Wardell Armstrong is a full-service British technical mining consultancy with global expertise in the whole mine life cycle. We also have extensive experience in Mineral Estates Management (MEM), and have the largest MEM team in the UK.

Services include mineral exploration, Mineral Resource Estimation, Ore Reserve evaluation with mine design and scheduling, metallurgical testwork and mineral processing, environmental and social analysis, economic and financial assessment, through to mine closure including economic development for the local community and post mining.

In addition, our in-house mining services include mineral target realisation and GIS services, Mineral Resource Evaluation and development, mineralogical examination, open pit and underground optimisation studies, geotechnical, hydrological and hydrogeological assessment, ventilation design, maintenance regimes, labour requirements, ore and waste management, tailings and waste dump design. Wardell Armstrong also operates the largest independent metallurgical testwork laboratory and pilot plant in Europe.

We have significant experience in environmental and social aspects of mining projects and specialise in reducing your environmental and social risks. Our team of highly experienced specialists work closely with clients and lending organisations to ensure lender milestones are met and environmental and social performance meets the required standard.

Our specialists are Qualified Person’s under the CIM Code (NI 43-101) and Competent Person’s under the JORC Code (2012), and can provide reports to all internationally recognised codes, tailored to the development stage of your project.

Wardell Armstrong’s expertise covers all commodities including, base, ferrous, precious metals and industrial minerals, gained through our work on global projects in over 90 countries including Africa, North, Central and South America, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

We are one of the few UK companies able to protect human and environmental safety by managing your use of cyanide to the best international standards. We provide cyanide compliance audits, informal and gap cyanide audits and give general cyanide management advice. This includes preparation of cyanide management plans, standard operational procedures, development of emergency response plans, tailored cyanide awareness training and advice on procurement strategies.

More recently we have developed our capability and are at the forefront of the strategic metals revolution driven by the battery metals and electric vehicle industries demand for lithium, graphite, cobalt, nickel, tin, manganese and rare earth metals.

With a long track record of providing innovative solutions and technical advice, we enable you to make sound investment and mining decisions.

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