Reinforcement of Risk-Based Mining Hazard Assessment by CIRIA

In addition to capturing the substantial combined knowledge and experience of geologists and mining engineers following the decline of the UK coal mining industry, CIRIA’s Abandoned mine workings manual, published on 29th October 2019 provides advice on investigation and mitigation strategies to enable the safe and economic development of brownfield land affected by relict mining hazards.

The document has taken some 10 years to prepare with Wardell Armstrong being privileged to be involved during its development.

Our Ground & Environmental Engineering Service Director, Gavin Campbell, attended the launch event at the National Coal Mining Museum for England, reporting “An overwhelming positive reception to this updated industry guidance. Our collaboration with other industry experts during the drafting process enabled pragmatic solutions to difficult mine instability problems to be agreed and implemented on major projects. Similarly, our understanding of the implications of recent and related technical guidance from The Coal Authority e.g. aerial subsidence hazard, enables our engineering teams to provide current, best-value advice to our clients.

Our ground stability specialists and mining engineers are highly experienced with dealing with relict mining hazards throughout the UK and are on hand to advise on effective and economic solutions where land instability (mining and non-mining) may represent a risk to development.

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