Pratling Street, Kent

Service Area: Lighting
Location: Kent
Date: 2023

Wardell Armstrong carried out a lighting assessment for a proposed commercial development off Pratling Street, Kent. The development consisted of the construction of four commercial units, including associated car parking areas and internal road network, to allow for 24 hour distribution use. The site was situated in a sensitive location, due to the presence of residential receptors on the southern boundary, ancient woodland along the northern boundary, which had potential for bat roosting and foraging, and the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) at a distance to the east. A lighting survey was carried out which demonstrated the area was subject to higher lux levels due to the presence of other commercial premises in the area. Mitigation measures were suggested to ensure light spill was minimal, as well as incorporation of a dark corridor to the north to ensure flight corridors for bats are unaffected.

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