Lynefield Park Inert Landfill Site

Service Area: Mineral Estates
Location: Northumberland

Lynefield Park Inert Landfill Site is situated in Lynemouth, Northumberland. The landfill site is the former Alcan Smelter where the former pot rooms are being infilled with inert waste to create an engineered development platform.

We have acted for the Landlord and undertook site inspections to produce weekly update reports, topographical surveys to monitor volumes and calculate royalties, advising on test results of placed material and our chartered surveyors and engineers have acted as expert witnesses in a RICS Expert Determination and court proceedings with very favourable outcomes for our client.

With our help and experience, the client now has the site back and can finally generate income. We are now commissioned to undertake site investigations works, plan a remediation strategy, design a drainage strategy and act as CQA engineer for validation.

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