Former GKN Stoke Works

Service Area: Reclamation and Remediation Ground Improvements, Site Investigation
Location: Derbyshire
Date: 2007 - 2017

After conducting several phases of site investigation over a ten year period, Wardell Armstrong supervised remediation work to clean up two hotspots of contamination at the site. Formerly comprising ten factory buildings, the site previously produced metal cylinders for the motor and marine industries. A DQRA identified hotspots of TPH, TCE and Chromium (VI). Following guidance within CLR 11 a remediation options appraisal was carried out to determine the most effective method of treatment. Remediation was successfully undertaken through installation of a Permeable Reactive Barrier to protect the adjacent watercourse along with localised excavation of the hotspots and ex-situ treatment with E-clay/ChromeSorb.


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