Bristol Comedy Garden

Service Area: Acoustics and Vibration
Location: Bristol
Date: 2018

Wardell Armstrong provided support the organisers of Bristol Comedy Garden 2018 festival.

The festival site is located on Queen Square, in the Harbourside Area of Bristol City Centre, a major entertainment district filled with restaurants, bars and shops. Queen Square comprises a 2.4 Hectare public square surrounded by a mixture of commercial properties and residential apartments. As a result of noise complaints received by Bristol City Council during previous years events, an acoustic evaluation of noise impacts was carried out.

Unlike traditional music festivals where noise from amplified music is usually the main cause of noise impact, a number of additional noise source types required evaluation including; amplified voices during performances, collective laughter of the audience, and noise from individuals and small groups of people within the festival area. A noise monitoring and assessment strategy was developed based on overarching national policy and health based guidance to provide a representative evaluation of noise impacts affecting nearby residents.

The work completed by Wardell Armstrong helped to gauge the severity of noise complaints and provide a strong foundation for future comedy events at the site.

Noise Project

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