Our Mineral Processing Laboratory and Office Expand to Accommodate Demand for Services

To accommodate the increased demand for our mineral processing and metallurgical testing services, we have expanded our office and laboratory space at Wheal Jane Earth Science Park near Truro, Cornwall.

The new space now accommodates over 30 specialist staff including, Engineers, Chemists, Metallurgists, Technicians and Support Staff who all provide services to a global client base.

Darren Buckley from Cornwall Chamber of Commerce opened the new office space last week as the expansion highlights Wardell Armstrong’s continuous investment into the Cornish Mining Industry.

Technical Director Ben Simpson said: “The opening of this facility cements the departments position as the leading ‘Mineral Processing Testing Facility in Europe’, I’m delighted to be part of this exciting growth and expansion of Wardell Armstrong”

Darren Buckley from the Chamber said: “It was a pleasure to open Wardell Armstrong’s new Mineral Processing Offices at Wheal Jane Earth Science Park. Cornwall Chamber had the pleasure of meeting the team led by Ben Simpson and the work done here in Cornwall which works with countries all around the world. It never ceases to amaze me how many businesses we have here in Cornwall who are leaders in technology, geology, mining and so on. Thank you again for your enthusiasm and allowing Cornwall Chamber to open your new offices.”

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