Our Archaeologists Uncover a Third Century Roman Building in Carlisle

In 2018 our archaeologists undertook archaeological excavations on the site of a Roman building at Carlisle Cricket Club. What began as a response to a planning requirement to build a new pavilion this programme grew into a community archaeological investigation fully supported by the Cricket Club and funded through a donation from Fred Storey of Storey Homes.

The Roman building explored lies outside the fort of Stanwix and appears to date in origins to the early 3rd century. It is thought to be associated with the stay in Carlisle of the Emperor Septimus Severus whilst campaigning into Scotland. The building is believed to either be a bathhouse or possibly the emperor’s accommodation which would make it part of an imperial palace.

It is now intended through Carlisle City Council to undertake a three year programme of archaeological research into the site, again as a community archaeological project. Funding for this is being sought from the National Heritage Fund.

Associate Director, Richard Newman recently spoke to BBC Radio Cumbria about the finds. The full interview can be listened to here from 25:30.

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