Happy World Water Day!

For this year’s theme the United Nations (UN) is considering Valuing Water. To mark this day, we have asked our Water Team what does water mean to you?

This has prompted some interesting discussions: from exploring how our sense of identity is intrinsically linked to local weather and waterbodies; thoughts on the value of water in light of geopolitics and inequality caused by climate change; and how we have adapted our own lifestyles to consider water consumption and made ethical choices in the food we eat.

As the UN says, “water means different things to different people” and though these conversations the differences in our life experiences and personalities have been highlighted. However, there are some universal themes that keep appearing: water is a resource to be treasured, water is our livelihood, water provides all sorts of recreational and wellbeing benefits but fundamentally water is life.

Have you thought about what water means to you?

#Water2me #WorldWaterDay

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