Faraday Battery Challenge – Securing a Lithium Supply Chain for the UK (Li4UK)

Wardell Armstrong is delighted to announce our participation in an incredibly exciting new project funded by the UK Government; Faraday Battery Challenge.

Over the next 12 months, we will be working alongside UK-based Mining company Cornish Lithium and the Natural History Museum in order to assess the viability of securing a Lithium supply chain within the UK, helping to meet the huge demand for the battery metal expected from the global transition to electric vehicles.

Wardell Armstrong’s Research Director and Li4UK Project Coordinator, Dr Chris Broadbent commented: Presently the UK is totally reliant upon imported lithium compounds, with the vast majority supplied from China, for use in the Lithium Ion Batteries (LIBs) that will power the electric vehicles of the future. This is the first project funded by the Faraday Battery Challenge that examines the potential to provide lithium from UK sources, including rocks and brines. I believe it can be of great significance to development and the creation of a 21st century, green mining industry in the UK.”

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