edinburgh playscape

Edinburgh Playscape: What is the Difference Between a Playground and a Playscape?

What is the difference between a playground and a playscape? How can our children build memories and connections with their local environments? It is easy to prescribe play to a time slot and a swing set, but how does the City and our public spaces encourage play and support childhood development?

Bring your family to the Edinburgh playscape to explore ways to play with the landscape and discover the city from a different perspective.

The Architecture Fringe is a series of public events, happenings and exhibitions around Edinburgh City exploring spaces, places and buildings. Wardell Armstrong’s landscape team are organising the Edinburgh Playscape on the 8th June. The free to attend event will transform Stockbridge Market Square into an informal playscape guided by professional playscape designers and play enthusiasts and will feature loose parts play, activities, ideas and printed Edinburgh playscape trail maps.

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