Dogger Bank Connects to the National Grid!

Earlier this month, the world’s largest offshore wind farm under construction, Dogger Bank, was connected to the National Grid and started to produce electricity for the first time for British homes and businesses. A single rotation of one of the 107m long blades on Dogger Bank’s first operational turbine can produce enough clean energy to power an average British home for two days. This is a huge milestone in the development of the offshore wind industry and the transition to a cleaner and more secure energy system.

Wardell Armstrong is proud to have been a part of this project’s success by working with our client Hitachi since 2020. Our multidisciplinary services on the ‘Converter Station’ parts of the project, (Dogger Bank A, B and C) which are the facilities that convert the electricity from direct current (DC) into an alternating current (AC) include:

  • Environmental engineering advice
  • Writing a Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) / Code of Construction Practice (CoCP)
  • Writing and submitting the environmental permit applications, largely associated with water abstraction.
  • On-site environmental monitoring to ensure compliance with the CEMP and CoCP.

Dogger Bank is located 130km off the Teesside and East Yorkshire coast, and it is hoped that it will be fully operational by 2026.

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