Kingsnorth Green Development of 550 Homes Allowed at Appeal

Over 500 homes in Ashford, Kent have now been granted planning permission following an appeal on the grounds of non-determination!

Wardell Armstrong undertook the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the residential development, undertaking a range of environmental assessments including Ecology, Archaeology & Heritage, Landscape & Visual, Noise & Vibration, Air Quality, Land Use & Soils, Ground Conditions, Water Resources, Climate Change, Flood Risk and Arboriculture.

Having been involved in the project for 10 years, we ensured a comprehensive baseline for the site was maintained during the application’s preparation and determination, updating surveys and data collection as required to ensure that this information remained representative of the site and suitable to support the application.

Our multi-disciplinary team also worked with the client team, undertaking proportionate and robust updates to the EIA alongside the evolution of the scheme. Key updates included the allocation of the site within the adopted local plan and amendments to the scheme to ensure that it could achieve nutrient neutrality.

The inquiry was held from at the end of October 2023, with Wardell Armstrong providing expert evidence in relation to ecology. The Inspector issued their decision in early November 2023, granting permission for the development.

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