185 Years of Wardell Armstrong | from mining and minerals to energy, engineering and environment

Independent environmental, engineering and mining consultancy Wardell Armstrong celebrates its 185th anniversary this year!

With 14 UK and international offices and over 500 people Wardell Armstrong has come a long way since its early beginnings in the 1830s. Over recent years the business has diversified significantly, growing and developing its roots in mining and minerals and now also providing extensive engineering, environmental and social services.

As we all embrace the challenges of climate change, Wardell Armstrong provides support to its clients in winning the metals and minerals which are critical to delivering a more sustainable carbon neutral future. Whether that be lithium for car batteries, metals for wind turbines or minerals essential for sustainable infrastructure and built development.

The business provides help in the development of green energies and critical infrastructure necessary to sustain social, environmental and economic improvement for all and facilitate a progressive diversification away from “carbon intensive” activities.

Wardell Armstrong also provide support in built development and the improvement of the built environment, necessary to enhance and develop the places we live, the places we visit and the places which help sustain the lives we lead.

Commenting on this landmark anniversary Managing Director Keith Mitchell said, “Wardell Armstrong is an incredibly diverse business providing an exceptionally high-quality service across a range of sectors. At the heart of the business are great professional people working hard to support their colleagues and clients. We have no external shareholders, no big slow parent company, no vested interests; just amazing people, independent creative thinking and a passion for helping our clients. It has stood us in good stead for 185 years and we have a bright future ahead of us”

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