As a mature and well proven technology with a good track record of solid returns, onshore wind is the preferred choice for many investors. And whether you’re a large utility, a developer, a business, a farm owner, a public body or a domestic householder, our wind energy experts can help you with the design, development and construction of your wind project.

Since 1999 we’ve worked on hundreds of different schemes ranging from single turbines to 50MW+ Section 36 applications. We understand the concerns of local communities, as well as local and national political sensitivities. So we’ll approach your project in the same innovative and flexible way, partnering with you to truly understand your aims and objectives, and developing a project-specific team to deliver timely and cost-effective results.

Our wide range of consultancy services is a true one stop shop. It includes site finding, constraints mapping, feasibility and economic assessment, site design, foundation design and track layout, resource assessment, met mast procurement and MCP analysis, turbine selection, environmental impact assessment, public consultations, planning applications, grid connection requests and acting as client engineer during construction.


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