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Wheal Jane - the UK's first solar PV park Wheal Jane - the UK's first solar PV park

Wheal Jane - the UK's first solar PV park

It was a hugely ambitious project. 35 Degrees Ltd were drawing up plans for the first solar PV park in the UK, to be built at the old Wheal Jane mine site in Cornwall. Partly enclosed by the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscapes world heritage site, the park would incorporate 5760 panels able to generate up to 1.55 MW - enough electricity to supply around 287 average local homes. 35 Degrees commissioned us to complete a detailed environmental statement, including the project management of a complete EIA and the planning application.
With chapters detailing design and access, landscape and visual impact, archaeological and ecological concerns, environmental and socio-economic benefits, the environmental statement included a topography assessment, a flood risk assessment, a habitat survey and photomontages produced by our specialist in-house team.
As a pioneering project, we set a precedent in structuring the requirements and specifications for a solar park environmental statement. Our EIA also made sure that mitigation could be carried out early in the development process and embedded in the design before its successful submission - the first to gain permission in the UK.