Underground Coal Gasification

Underground Coal Gasification

Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) is the conversion of coal via controlled combustion (in situ underground) into a synthetic gas (Syngas) that is then extracted and processed to provide fuel for power generation or fuel oils.

We are a founder member of the UCG Partnership; the membership body aimed at developing UCG throughout the world.

One of the major advantages of UCG is that previously uneconomic coal reserves may become commercially viable projects. It offers the chance to recover energy from those parts of the world's coal resources that are too deep to mine conventionally or that lie under the sea.

We can provide a comprehensive suite of services to assist operators and other stakeholders with their UCG projects, including the following areas of expertise:

• Planning • Environmental protection
• Geological interpretation • Geotechnical considerations
• Licence applications • Baseline monitoring
• Coal quality analysis • Civil/Structural engineering design
• Environmental impact • Groundwater modelling
• Resource assessment • Waste management

Our skilled professionals are happy to work closely with you as part of your in-house team, or as a stand-alone technical service delivering specific reports on topics to suit your requirements.


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