Temporary Works

Temporary Works

The cost of temporary works construction can be disguised by larger project costs - but is often a significant item. Using cutting edge software, our experienced geotechnical and structural teams can give you expert advice and model safe, efficient temporary works schemes to save you time and money.

Our expertise covers ground retention for both temporary and permanent works as well as all construction systems. We make sure that temporary works designs in the ground (foundations, trench and cofferdam support including pipe jacking pits) are site-specific, using the appropriate proprietary and bespoke systems to make sure that your construction programme advances in an efficient and safe way.

We also specialise in the design of temporary works for railway and highway projects. These include bridge propping and jacking, scaffold design, under track crossings, crane outrigger pads, temporary retaining structures, the design of temporary structural access openings and design of brickwork support for bridge and tunnel brick casement lining replacement.



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