Tailings and Waste Management

Tailings and Waste Management

Anyone with the responsibility for dealing effectively with tailings and mine waste from mining operations knows just how critical a task this is. We have a long and proven track record in this area, working for mineral operators, financial institutions, insurance companies and regulators. 

Our projects include due diligence and competent persons reviews, investigations and testing for new projects and existing mines, studies from scoping to bankable level, and construction support at mine development, operation and closure stages.

Our studies and technical support services include siting assessments, hazard mapping, capacity calculations, disposal methodology reviews, stability, seepage analysis, procurement of site investigations and topographic surveys, sampling and monitoring, and risk assessments.

We provide engineering designs for earthworks, geosynthetics and ground improvement measures, foundation engineering, embankments and slope engineering, drainage and groundwater control.

Our construction supervision services include the deployment of construction quality assurance (CQA) personnel and engineering supervisors on construction projects, and the preparation of as-built reports and drawings.


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