Solar PV site finding – Cornwall Solar PV site finding – Cornwall

Solar PV site finding – Cornwall

When SunRay Renewable Energy Ltd were looking for the most suitable sites in Cornwall to develop a series of 5MW generating stations - each made up of around 15 hectares of solar photovoltaic arrays - they called on our site-finding expertise.
Applying a tried and tested GIS search methodology already used very successfully for identifying the best sites for wind farm developments, we started with absolute constraints such as  ancient natural woodland, Forestry Commission land and areas within 150m of the nearest dwelling. We then assessed the remaining unconstrained areas against further criteria such as scope, aspect and shadowing in order to determine the most favourable sites. The final step was a map for each of the proposed sites giving information on the area.
SunRay were subsequently bought by SunPower Inc who went on to develop several of these sites with our help, many of which are now operational.