How can we tap into the huge potential of solar energy - enough to fulfil all the energy requirements of our planet? As solar PV technology becomes ever more cost-effective against rising conventional energy costs, it’s an increasingly viable economic choice.

In 2009, we obtained planning permission for the first ground-mounted PV solar farm in the UK. Since then we’ve been involved in more than 50 solar projects with a total capacity of over 300MWe. Our planning success rate is better than 90%, including two projects in AONBs.

We can help you identify risks and opportunities at the outset – for a small or large scale solar development - and shape your project to maximise its potential. Combining technical, planning and environmental skills, our experienced team can guide you through the complete process from site identification and design to environmental impact assessment, obtaining planning permission and establishing a grid connection. Our expertise includes visual impact assessment with 3D models and photomontages, hydrological studies, ecological impacts, heritage/archaeology issues and glint and glare studies. Every project has its unique set of issues and challenges – so we’ll tailor our approach to meet your specific needs.


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