Route Selection

Route Selection

Wherever there's a need for new linear infrastructure - whether it's pipelines, electricity transmission lines, canals, roads or railways - the impact it will have on the environment is always a major consideration. It affects public opinion, cost, programme and deliverability. So route selection is critical at an early stage. But it takes time - and is generally controlled through successive stages of feasibility, conceptual and detailed design, with the level of information gathered and assessed becoming more complex at each stage. Only when the route is defined can environmental impact assessment be successfully and most economically carried out.

You can count on the diverse skills of our experienced technical specialists to carry out and contribute to route selection at all stages of your project. We can either lead the selection process or advise on specific elements. Either way, we'll always aim to add value to data collection and project management through our integrated and complementary approach.

Our in-house archaeologists, planners, ecologists, landscape architects and noise and air quality specialists will work closely with our minerals surveyors, geologists, and hydrogeologists to give you well balanced advice during the selection process - helping you deliver the best possible route for your project.


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