Quintana Mine - Colombia Quintana Mine - Colombia

Quintana Mine - Colombia

Quintana Mine is a small gold mine in Colombia. The company recognised that their health and safety management wasn’t what it should be. Persistent accidents, poor ventilation facilities and indifferent accident investigation had all resulted in a culture where health and safety wasn’t given enough emphasis. Quintana determined to do something about this and commissioned us to audit their operations.

We carried out a number of visits to the site to carry out the audit, identify specific hazards and check on risk control measures. Using OHSAS 18001 as the audit control, we checked or wrote operating procedures, revisited accident reports to determine root causes, carried out ventilation surveys and tightened up mine entry and exit procedures.

We were able to introduce or improve operating procedures, identify major hazards and contribute to their elimination or design engineered controls. Ventilation issues were improved, with accident investigation and root cause analysis carried out by a responsible person established as the way forward. The principles of good health and safety management have now been adopted, with management accepting their critical role in considering and promoting it.