Priority Sites – Falmouth Business Park Priority Sites – Falmouth Business Park

Priority Sites – Falmouth Business Park

When Priority Sites Ltd were carrying out the phase one extension to Falmouth Business Park, they were looking for a detailed investigation of their energy needs. We estimated their energy demand, broken down into heating and electrical loads, and found that their target of incorporating 10% renewable energy technologies could be easily exceeded.

Our renewable energy experts investigated wind and solar PV options for meeting electrical demands – concluding that only roof-mounted wind turbines would be effective on the site.

Of the many renewable heat options we investigated, solar hot water systems could contribute to the target but wouldn’t meet it in full. We sized wood pellet biomass boilers for each individual building and looked at the suitability of one larger wood chip fuelled boiler for the whole site. Borehole systems would be needed for ground source heat pumps because of land restrictions, so again we sized and costed them for each building – generating potential locations and buffers in GIS.

Our report and recommendations included cost comparisons with payback time for the most practicable renewable energy technologies.