Utility Protection and Compensation

Utility Protection and Compensation

Pipelines and cables can be affected by mineral extraction - and in some cases the need to protect the asset results in the sterilisation of minerals. Utility companies whose assets pass through land usually have an agreement with the landowner in the form of a wayleave or easement agreement - including references to the Mines (Working Facilities and Support) Act 1923 (known as the mining code).

Utility companies either have to move the apparatus or pay compensation to the mineral extraction company and mineral owner for any loss caused by minerals being left unworked. This can include loss of profits, cost of protection works, additional working/restoration costs and professional costs.

If we’re acting on behalf of mineral extraction companies, we can serve notices of approach, design protection measures, calculate the volume of mineral sterilised and the value of the compensation, produce heads of claim, and negotiate a settlement.

If we’re acting on behalf of utility companies, we can undertake initial due diligence on the claimant’s rights to extract the minerals, review and design protection measures, serve counter notices if the asset is to remain in-situ, verify volumes and losses, calculate loss values and negotiate a settlement.


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