North Mara Gold Mine - Tanzania North Mara Gold Mine - Tanzania

North Mara Gold Mine - Tanzania

African Barrick Gold is Africa’s largest gold producer and the main gold miner in Tanzania. They requested expert help to identify and treat areas surrounding their mining operations where vegetation had been affected by a pollution incident. They asked us to analyse contemporary satellite imagery and help develop a GIS tool – as well as methodologies for trials to assess the effectiveness of phytoremediation for the removal of soil-borne metal contaminants, and a pilot wetland treatment system for remediating metal contaminated surface waters.

Working with a sub-consultant with remote sensing expertise, we identified and mapped areas of pollution, including AMD, based on its effects on the appearance of vegetation through satellite imagery.

We devised field investigations and further remote sensing work to understand the volumes of earth and water involved in any future remediation or engineering work. We reviewed revegetation trials already undertaken, and advised on phytoremediation techniques on soils with high concentrations of potentially toxic elements resulting from AMD. We also supported the development of a passive wetland treatment system for AMD contaminated water.