Neves Corvo Mine - Portugal Neves Corvo Mine - Portugal Neves Corvo Mine - Portugal

Neves Corvo Mine - Portugal

Somincor (Sociedade Mineira de Neves-Corvo, SA) was incorporated in 1980 after the discovery of a massive sulphide deposit with significant amounts of copper and zinc.
The resulting Neves-Corvo Mine is located in Baixo, lower Alentejo, on the south edge of the Iberian Pyrite Belt. Now part of the Lundin Group, Somincor has regularly reviewed and updated its mine closure and reclamation planning to reflect changes in the life of mine plan, regulatory requirements, and the changing needs and expectations of the local administration and communities.

We carried out a review and update of the mine closure environmental liability risk assessment in line with EU requirements and good international industry practice, as defined by the IFC Performance Standards and outlined in the World Bank Group’s environmental, health and safety guidelines.

During the plan’s development we performed a detailed risk assessment of potential unplanned environmental liabilities, together with a residuals management plan. We also worked closely with in-country consultants to develop the mine’s closure requirements and objectives.