Negotiation of Lease Terms

Negotiation of Lease Terms

As a land and mineral owner, you need specialist advice when negotiating complex lease term agreements with mineral and waste operators. Our team of chartered mineral surveyors is the largest of any consultancy in the UK. And because we only act for land-owning clients, we minimise any potential conflicts of interest. 

Our long experience in negotiating terms includes exploration licences, options, leases, licences and wayleaves – from the usual construction aggregates such as sand, gravel and limestone to gold, silver and zinc, as well as agreements for landfill sites and recycling operations.

We negotiate terms with mineral and waste operators on your behalf, producing the comprehensive heads of terms used to draft legal documentation and making sure you get the best possible value and rental return in any transaction. Our expertise and vast market evidence covers tenure, mineral type, quality, location and working ratios. We negotiate rent review mechanisms drawing on relevant indices, and agree the wording for bonding provisions, surface and access arrangements, compensation, restoration and recording procedures. We always initiate discussions on the basis that the operator will cover both your legal costs and our fees.


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