Mixed Use

Mixed Use

It is not uncommon for the development schemes that we are involved in to include a multitude of different types of property development and we have extensive experience in housing, commercial, industrial, retail, sports, waste, minerals, energy, healthcare, nuclear and port development.

Our involvement in property development spans across the vast majority of our business from strategic planning, master planning and planning application to environmental impact assessment, ecology, archaeology, traffic, site investigation, ground engineering, land reclamation, infrastructure design and foundation design.

You can draw on our knowledge, skills and experience in the property market to fully understand and quantify your development risks. We'll look at all the options to (for example) maximise your development, reduce planning risk and reduce abnormal ground and environmental costs and avoid delays.
By getting involved early and thinking laterally we can help you optimise value, create revenue, reduce waste and save time and money in the most sustainable ways - especially in challenging and complex settings. We can engage with and guide the regulators in the most appropriate way, and if necessary act for you as experts in litigation proceedings.


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